I’m a Club Cobra and Bop!

By now you should be pretty well acquainted with our Club Captains, but join us for an evening of getting to know them even better... Join us in Reynolds where…

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Mummies and Dads

To help you settle into ICSM, we have our very own Mums and Dads Scheme! After signing up, you’ll get assigned some second-year students and they will officially be your…

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Scavenger Hunt

Prefer something more adventurous to the Fulham Palace Crusade...? Come join some of your older years for a scavenger hunt all around Hammersmith! More details coming soon!

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The Fulham Palace Crusade

You have cruised your way to the middle of the first week, now it’s time to crusade through all the local pubs on Hammersmith’s famous Fulham Palace Road! Every student…

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ICSMSU Welcome

This is your chance to meet the people you will be spending the next few years with, A.K.A your new family! You will also have the chance to meet your…

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Boat Party: Ravers of the lost Ark

It’s the first proper event of ICSM, and what a big one to start off with! It’s only your second day, and you’re already cruising through the Thames and seeing…

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ICSMSU Rooftop Party

It's back... STFYD 2022 present the ☀️ ROOFTOP PARTY on the 27th July at The Prince of Wales! ☀️ ⛱ Get your favourite (worst) summer shirt ready, as ICSMSU welcome…

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ICSMSU Hustings 2021

The time has come again for the students to pick a set of fresh faces to run the next ICSM Students' Union! Join us on Zoom or on Facebook Live…

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