Meet Your SU!


Christian Oldfield

ICSMSU President

Pedro Chen

Deputy President

Hafsa Jalisi

Executive Treasurer

Aoife Madden

Secretary and Communications

Haider Nazerali

Sites and Services

Angellica Marta

BMB Society President


Rayyan Islam

Academic Chair

Yasmin Baker

Academic Officer (Early Years)

Nicholas Soon

Academic Officer (Clinical Years)

Raunak Chugani Chandiramani

Academic Officer (BSc Year)

Monica Jin Yang

Academic Officer (BMB)

Clubs and Socs

Nicholas Lawson

Clubs and Societies Chair

Olivia Wing

Vice Chair for Volunteering and Academics

Maya Alazzawi

Vice Chair for Sports and Arts

Sean Li

Management Group Treasurer


Nia Davies

Ents Chair

Matthew Qurku

Social Secretary

Zeynah Alhadad

RAG Chair


Hamza Ikhlaq

Welfare Chair

Eve Butler

Vice Chair for Campaigns

Lilia Evans

Vice Chair for Wellbeing Representatives

Asra Shah

Vice Chair for BMB