Clubs & Societies Awards

Award Policies

Clubs and Societies Awards are given out at the following events: 

  • Volunteering & Academics Awards Evening 
  • Arts Dinner 
  • Sports Dinner 

These are annual awards run by the ICSM Students’ Union to give thanks and recognition to societies and individuals who have either excelled in ICSM clubs and societies activity in the past year or given years of dedicated service to their societies. 


The awards are to be presented at the relevant ICSM Students’ Union Event. Only School of Medicine (ICSM) students can nominate individuals/societies

Nominations are: 

  • Open for at least 2 weeks. 
  • To be submitted via an official signposted submissions form. 
  • Able to be submitted by any student within ICSM, including self-nominations (excluding exceptions which are noted).  

The quality of nominations received will have a greater weighting than the quantity of nominations per award. 

Once the nominations period has closed, the ICSMSU Management Group will form a shortlist of up to 5 nominees per award. These will then be submitted to a panel to vote on the final winner.

The panel will consist of: 

  • The ICSMSU President 
  • One ICSMSU Committee Member from Deputy President, Academics Chair, Entertainments Chair or Welfare Chair 

The panel will also have relevant members from at least one organisation affiliated with ICSMSU, for example: 

  • ICSM Faculty of Medicine 
  • Imperial College Union 
  • Move Imperial 
  • St Mary’s Hospital Association