Radiology survey for medical students and junior doctors

Dear Colleague, 

We are writing on behalf of the Radiology Academic Network For Trainees (RADIANT), a network of radiology trainees across the UK dedicated to advancing patient care through multi-centre research, service evaluation and surveys.

We are conducting a study looking at medical student and junior doctor experiences and perceptions of radiology. The survey targets junior doctors and medical students with the aim of understanding their knowledge and views towards Radiology. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. We are recruiting junior doctors and medical students leads from each university (medical student) / region (junior doctor) to help raise awareness and increase participation in this study, and therefore better reflect the general perceptions across both groups. Leads that recruit the required number (20 responses) from their centres will be acknowledged under the RADIANT group as collaborative authors (allowing for journal requirements). Further details and role summaries are available on the application form: Kindly fill in your details in the form and our team will be in touch with more updates! If you have any questions about the role or this study, please contact the RADIANT project team at

Deadline signing up as a lead is: 31/05/2024 @ 12 pm