Opportunity to work with Medtech start-up

Opportunity to work with a Medtech start-up: Murmur Master

Are you interested in working with a Medtech start-up? Or perhaps you’d be interested in perfecting your OSCE skills and testing a novel resource for Cardiovascular education.

Murmur Master is a smartphone app aiming to revolutionise Cardiovascular education. It allows students to practice their examination skills like never before, with access to hundreds of heart sounds from real patients, combined with bite-sized chunks of information to complement learning.

We need your help! We are looking to get a better idea about your learning needs, in the form of a short survey. You will be provided with a certificate for your portfolio, acknowledging your contribution. Additionally, for a limited-time only, we are offering exclusive access to Murmur Master as a beta tester. Follow the link for the short survey and more information.

And for our website: