Anaesthesia Heritage Centre Exhibition

St Marylebone Parish Church has an upcoming exhibition and evening reception event in partnership with the Anaesthesia Heritage Centre this Friday (15th March) at St Marylebone Parish Church.

St Marylebone Parish Church has partnered with the Anaesthesia Heritage Centre, part of the Association of Anaesthetists on Portland Place, to create the exhibition “Devonshire Street: A Worldwide Mecca for Anaesthetists” which focuses on the career of engineer and medical instrument-maker A. Charles King and his store in the centre of medical innovation, Harley Street. This temporary exhibition will be displayed in our crypt from 8th March – September 2024. 

We are celebrating this exhibition and the partnership with Anaesthesia Heritage Centre with an evening reception this Friday, which will share the story of A. Charles King and the foundation of the Anaesthesia Heritage Centre, followed by free drinks and refreshments. Free tickets can be booked here.