Medical student in Years 3-6with previous clinical placements insurgery/O&G?

How does the operating room function as a learning environment in undergraduate medical education?

Are YOU a medical student in Years 3-6
with previous clinical placements in
We would like to kindly invite you to participate
in the educational research project ‘How does
the operating room function as a learning
environment in undergraduate medical

What is it about?

  • The aim of this research is to understand the purpose of operating room exposure in undergraduate medical
    education, during clinical attachments in surgically-orientated specialties.
  • We also aim to explore factors which influence medical student learning in the operating room.
    Why should I care?
  • ALL participants will receive a £10 retail voucher (or donation to a charity of your choosing) as remuneration
    for your time.
  • This research even its smallest scale, may inform strategies or interventions which could support teachers and
    medical schools to improve student learning in these environments.
    What does this involve?
  • Students will participate in focus groups online with other students and the lead researcher, lasting
    approximately 60-90min, scheduled at your convenience. If there are issues with recruitment or scheduling,
    this may take place as shorter 1:1 interviews.
    How do I get involved?
  • Register your interest via this Google form:
  • Please access the ‘Participant Information Sheet & Consent Form’ attached or via this [link] for more details.
  • Should you wish to participate, please download the form to edit and complete the consent section. Email with the completed consent form and to schedule focus groups/interviews.

So… How do I get involved?

  1. Register your interest (QR code or link below):
  2. ‘Participant Info & Consent Form’ for more details:
  3. Any issues?