National Preclinical Revision Lectures

We are a clinical education society from the University of Oxford.  We are running national preclinical revision lectures covering Neurology, Pathology, Physiology, and Psychiatry. 

This year the Osler Society for Medical Education (OSME) are running an online pre-clinical revision course.  It is aimed at students in years 1 – 3 and is based around essential topics that will come up in exams.  The sessions are run by clinical medical students at Oxford who have all completed their pre-clinical degree and are keen to share their best exam tips. 

The sessions run Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with Monday sessions at 5:30pm and Wednesday and Friday at 7pm (please see attached timetable). There are lots of interactive MCQs and essay plans included. The lectures we have held so far have been very successful and we’d love to see a larger proportion of medical students from other medical schools.  

 The link for each session is the same for every session and is as follows:

Events and extra information for each lecture can also be found on our Facebook page: 

We hope to see you there!