Coaching for Imperial medical students building a startup – with Dr Barney Gilbert

Coaching outlier medical students on the journey to building a successful startup. 

Here’s my track record:

  • London-based psychiatrist and coach.
  • Clinical scientist at Imperial’s Division of Neuroscience.
  • Co-founder and former CEO of Pando Health, a leading digital health company, raising $10m in VC funding and scaling throughout the UK. Founded companies founded at school, medical school and as a foundation doctor.
  • Healthcare investor, with exits including 2024 IPO of Alto Neuroscience.
  • Advisor to NHS England’s mental health programme for young people.
  • Studied Medicine at Oxford and Economics at Harvard as a Kennedy Scholar.
  • Previous Forbes 30U30 lister for significant contribution to European healthcare.

I want to help you to overcome the unique challenges that arise in planning, launching or scaling a company while at medical school.If you are interested in a taster session, please contact Barney via LinkedIn or via email on