Year 6 MedEd Opportunity

On behalf of MedEd Collaborative group; a trainee and student led research group, we aim to increase engagement of students and trainees in high-quality medical education research that informs practice, with numerous publications to date. 

We are about to commence our next project which is based on the criteria used for the academic selection of final year medical students in Specialised Foundation Programmes (SFP). Currently it is not known whether the selection criteria for academic practice disadvantages certain groups. In this study, we aim to identify whether the current selection criteria used to select academic clinicians after graduation disadvantaged some groups of individuals. 

We are looking for two final year students to represent your university. This would involve:

  • Recruit 30 final year medical students from your university to fill in a short survey.
  • Participate in a 10-minute pilot survey 
  • A 15-30 minute ‘cognitive interview’ if requested

The representative for each university will be a collaborative author, with a PubMed ID, and further chances to involve themselves in our MedEd group. We are very fortunate to have the backing and support from international researchers, propelling anyone’s research experience and CV if keen. 

If interested, could they please email me at :