RSAH University Student Coordinator Opportunity

What is RSAH? 

RSAH aims to raise awareness about cardiac arrest and helps teach the public cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), giving them life-saving skills. RSAH is a worldwide initiative which runs every October. In the UK, RSAH is led by The Resuscitation Council UK, the British Heart Foundation, British Red Cross, St. John Ambulance, NHS Ambulance Service and Saving Lives for Scotland. 

What is RSAH University Student Coordinator? 

This role will require you to organise, plan and host your own event. 

You will be responsible for organising and managing the local RSAH initiative. We will be on hand to provide advice, guidance and support but you will be responsible for organising and running the event with the other student coordinator. Where possible we will provide you with the name of a staff member who has agreed to assist you and facilitate access to resources.

RSAH University Student Coordinators work within their University region to coordinate activities to raise awareness of CPR and Automated External Defibrillators (AED), and to provide training under the umbrella of the RSAH campaign. The post is an excellent addition to your CV and provides an opportunity to apply for a national student lead position. 

The role will begin around January with training provided by us, the national RSAH student leads. We will provide guidance of how to conduct and promote RSAH activities at your University. We will also keep in contact with all coordinators via WhatsApp where coordinators can share ideas and ask questions. Between December and Februarycoordinators will plan RSAH activities to be carried out in February. Following this, feedback on RSAH activities will be gathered and certificates of participation will be issued to all student volunteers. RSAH activities are ideally done in-person but may be delivered online or via a blended approach. 

What skills or experience are required? 

Essential: Desirable: 
• A desire to plan and run your own event• Year 2 student or above • BLS competent • An understanding of and interest in resuscitation • Commitment to diversity and inclusion  • Leadership or project management experience • Teaching experience • A creative and innovative approach

Any queries, please email the Student Leads on:

Key Dates:

• Event Proposal – 22nd Jan 2024

• Zoom Drop-in – 29th Jan 2024

• Confirmed Event Deadline – 5th February 2024

• Event – 14 February 2024

Key Links:

1. Watch the introductory video to learn more about what will be involved

2. If you are interested then please join Co-ordinators WhatsApp chat:

3. The google Drive with the various resources we provide:

4. The Digital Comms Pack:

5. Link to the first Co-ordinators meeting 29/01/24 at 7pm