Recruitment for medical school ambassadors NeusMENT

My name is Kate Minta and I am the current Board of Directors of NeusMENT, a registered charity based in Scotland that is focussed on empowering medical students and clinicians interested in neurosurgery with the UK and internationally. 

We have currently just finished our first round of recruitment of the new 2023/24 National Committee and in search of local ambassadors from each medical school.

The responsibilities of regional leads, would be to help spread the opportunities and events held by NeusMENT to their respective communities. In return, students will receive a letter acknowledging their role which they can use to support their portfolios, and also extracurricular opportunities such as: volunteering for NeusMENT events, networking opportunities with our international society members and possibly getting involved in research projects.

Just this year, NeusMENT published a paper on global mentorship in neurosurgery in the BMJ Open and we hope for many more fruitful opportunities to be available in the coming years. 

Please could we ask that any medical student, with a passion for neurosurgery and/or mentorship please submit an application to: by 15th December 2023.

We also have the following availability for the National Committee: Finance Lead, Research Lead for Neurosurgery, Events Lead, and Education Lead. Further information about the roles and responsibilities can be found on the application form.

If you are interested in taking on one of these results, please submit an application to: by 15th December 2023. 

Thank you for your time and we look forward to reading your applications.