Research Bakers

Looking for a fun and engaging way to practice science communication, eat tasty treats AND fundraise for life-changing medical research? The Medical Research Foundation has just launched a brand-new charity fundraising activity called Research Bakers, the bake sale with a scientific twist. 🧬

Get together with your coursemates, friends, colleagues and family to put on a bake sale that showcases your area of scientific expertise through the medium of cake. 🍰 It’s simple! Your goal is to create baked goods to convey a scientific concept. This could be a fascinating fact you’ve just learned, a topic from your favourite subject in school, or the focus of your PhD thesis. You can be as broad or specific as you want.

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Many of the diseases and conditions that affect human health have been cured or overcome as a result of medical research. But some areas of health are still in desperate need of support. Any money raised from your Research Bake Off will go towards funding cutting edge, life-changing UK medical research into areas of high unmet clinical need that have received low investment. Our current research priorities include:

  • The impact of climate change on human health
  • Adolescent mental health, particularly eating disorders
  • Pain
  • Eye diseases in children
  • Adolescent skin disorders