TAMS Scholar Programme

TAMS is a registered community interest company dedicated to supporting both aspiring and current medical students from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds.  We seek to address the various and unique social and economic challenges faced by individuals in this group. Since establishment in 2018 we have reached well over 3,500 students through our various services.

What is the TAMS Scholar Programme?

The TAMS Scholar Programme is a personal and professional development programme designed for first-year medical students from a SEDB. The vision is to help these students overcome some of the challenges they inevitably face upon commencement of medical school. This will be achieved through the provision of:

–       A Scholar welcome pack (consisting of vouchers and other resources that students from SEDB may struggle to purchase during their undergraduate degree)

–       Personal and professional development webinars (e.g. financial literacy and career planning)

–       Mentorship

Why is the TAMS Scholar Programme important?

The socioeconomic background of a medical student can have a profound influence on their experience at medical school. For example, students from low-income households are more likely to have to work a part-time job and thus forgo research opportunities and other extra-curricular activities that will promote their personal and professional development. Students from these backgrounds are also less likely to have access to the necessary social capital and mentorship to provide education on the various opportunities that should be seized at undergraduate level to widen and fulfil their career aspirations.

How will it work?

The programme is set to commence in October 2022 and will be delivered in form of three

phases, each lasting the entirety of an academic year (October – July).

–       Phase/Year 1 (Intensive coaching)- Through online webinars and skills sessions, students will be coached and equipped with various tools to promote the best possible start to medical school. (The majority of programme deliverables will be delivered in the first-year.)

–       Phase/Year 2 (Community members)- students will join a network filled with their counterparts and seniors to access a variety of resources and people to assist with their individual goals

–       Phase/Year 3 (Community leaders)- students become leaders, contributing to the equipping and supporting of incoming first-years into the programme.

How can they apply?

Applications for the 2023-24 cohort of the programme are open from 21st August 2023 and will close on the 8th September 2023. Applicants should visit our programme website for more information. Please see link below: 


How can you help us to support your students?

We continue to welcome support from our partnering universities who are dedicated to providing continued support for their students from a SEDB. Should you wish to learn more about how you can support us, please read our attached brochure. Additionally, please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

TAMS Scholars Brochure-April23.pdf

Kind regards, 

Dr Semilore Adebayo MBChB, MSc (Dist) 

TAMS Scholars Programme Director