Medical Student Video Editor Oppurtunity

Goodsh*t is a new health youtube channel that describes how the microbiome influences our wellbeing and risk of disease.

It is based on the book “Dark matter: The New Science of the Microbiome” and it will consist of interviews between Dr. James Kinross and experts in the field of microbiome research with, patients or even public figures.

These videos will be designed to go a little deeper into the science of the microbiome but they will be targeted at the general public rather than health professionals. These will need to appeal to a wide demographic as the microbiome plays an important role across ages, however, this will be predominantly aimed at the 20 to 40 year age cohort. We will aim to create videos approximately once a week, with an initial run of 5 videos lasting about 30 to 40 mins each. These will be filmed in the simulation suite at St. Mary’s Hospital, with a single camera, two microphones and basic lighting.

We are looking for keen and ambitious people interested in health communication and public outreach to help create and edit this content. Some experience in using basic video editing tools is helpful but not essential, and we are keen to talk to anyone also interested in management.

This is a unique opportunity work with internationally renowned scientists and clinicians from across the world. Contact Mr James Kinross if interested: