Year 6 MBBS – £10 Voucher for research project

Dear Year 6 students, 

We are still recruiting for our research project on how we teach medical students and the impact on clinical reasoning. There are three arms of the study: 

1.       Audio diaries – record your decision making process after 3 patient encounters you have on placement, as a voice note and sent to researchers (3 x 8 minutes) 

2.       Focus Groups – May / early June 2023, an online 45 minute discussion around clinical reasoning and teaching. 

As a thank you for your participation, we will send you 10GBP Amazon shopping voucher for each focus group or set of 3 audio diaries. Sign up here: 

3.       Questionnaire – a 5-10 minute questionnaire on perceptions of clinical reasoning

This is a collaboration with Manchester Medical School