The Bleep Test: How New Doctors Can Get Things Right

Luke Austen, an ACCS CT2 doctor training in anaesthetics, has written a book for medical students and junior doctors. The book is called “The Bleep Test: How New Doctors Can Get Things Right” and will be released on May 31st.

Here is a short summary of the book:

The Bleep Test combines gripping and startlingly vulnerable recollections from early experiences on the wards with an array of research spanning from psychology and human biology to anthropology, business and behavioural economics. It finds that the key to the truly complex challenges facing new doctors lies far beyond the realms of the traditional medical sciences in which they were trained. In fact, understanding the shift to being a doctor might depend on first understanding how we think, reason and behave as something we have been all our lives – human amongst humans. The Bleep Test is not only for young doctors at the start of their careers, but also for anyone who manages them, works with them, cares for them, or may one day depend on them.

Some more information is available here: