Urology Teaching Programme

I am Saakshi, one of the FY2s at Lister hospital and I have designed a basic Urology course consisting of 4-6 sessions aimed at penultimate/final year medical students and foundation year doctors. Urology is quite a niche specialty which is not covered in detail in medical school yet it is often one of the rotations faced in F1/F2, and is also covered in General surgery in some hospitals. Going into this job can be daunting so this course covers a few common presentations you would be required to deal with and some tips and tricks that will hopefully make your life easier 🙂 

The first session covers catheterisation – this will NOT include ANTT which I’m sure your medical school has already covered…

There are many different kinds of catheters and you will be expected to know which one is applicable to which patient/situation. In my experience, several of my colleagues even now have not come across these before. 

Subsequent teaching topics will be decided based on demand (e.g. haematuria, urinary retention, urinary stones, urological scans, ward complications of urological procedures etc).

If you have a Urology or General surgery job lined up for F1/F2 (or have an interest in Urology!), this teaching will hopefully prepare you well for it. Sessions will start at 1800 every Thursday from 04/05/23. The teams link is below: 


Hope to see lots of you there!