Healistic – Healthcare-focused Delivery App

Have you ever been sick and wondered why you can order food via quick delivery, but not your medicine and healthcare products? Or stuck in lectures and study sessions all day with no time to go to the shops to stock up on your toiletries and skincare? Healistic is here to help!

Healistic is London’s first healthcare-focused speedy delivery app, which provides medicine, health and wellness, and beauty products; from medication and supplements to cosmetics and personal care items – delivered to you in less than 45 minutes. Our service is completely discreet, with all ordering done via the Healistic app and delivered in sealed paper bags. We stock over 2,000 health & beauty products, and deliver everything by bike or e-scooter, so we’re eco-friendly too!

The Healistic app is available now on iOS and Android, and offers much-needed convenience for all your essentials. Download the app today, and use the voucher code IMPERIAL for £5 off your first 2 orders!