Innovating Environmental and Change Management Education at Imperial

My name is Milan Paczai and I have built an Innovating Environmental and Change Management Education at Imperial to collect information on how much students think that their education empowers them to adapt to and address Climate Change and Social Injustices, and to listen to their ideas for improvements.

I am doing this as we are trying to build a strong case for our meeting with the Vice Provost of Education, Peter Haynes (21st March), to get him involved in changing how Imperial educates and empowers its students and staff to manage and lead addressing Climate Change, Environmental Emergency, Social Inequalities, Mental Health and other global challenges(by improving curricula to include specialised problem-focused education on these issues; introducing new, more practical and interdisciplinary modules that equip us with the necessary skills to tackle these; implementing more activities where students from across departments can collaborate etc.

Here is the link to the survey :