Great Ormond Street Hospital: Medical Student Research Study

We would like to hear the views of medical students in their final two years of study.

In December 2021, Genomics England published their vision for the introduction of whole genome sequencing to the newborn screening programme. The proposed Newborn Genomes Programme aims to sequence the entire genetic code of all babies born in the UK, replacing the current bloodspot (Guthrie) test. However, there are many ethical, practical, and societal questions that must be addressed before the programme can be introduced.

We are planning a new study to explore the opinions of current medical students surrounding the proposed introduction of routine whole genome screening to the newborn screening programme. The study is being led by two medical students alongside researchers at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Can you help our research study by completing a survey?

The survey will help us work out what is most important to medical students when thinking about newborn whole genome sequencing. You do not need any background knowledge to complete the survey and your participation is completely voluntary. The survey is completely anonymous.

The survey will take 15-20 minutes to complete and will help us find out; ● Your views on this new test

● Your educational background in genomics and genetics

Who can complete the survey? You can complete the survey if you are a medical student expecting to graduate in either 2023 or 2024 from a UK-registered medical school.

How can I complete the survey? To find out more and to complete the survey online please follow this link –

Please share your opinions and share your knowledge! Everyone who answers the survey will have different views and ideas, and they are all valid and important.