Balint Society UK Bristol Study Day

Dear Medical Students (4th/5th years),

We are very pleased to announce that in addition to the excellent programme already organised for the Bristol study day in December 2022, we will be introducing a specific ‘Doctors in Training’ (4th and 5th-year medical students/foundation year doctors/core trainees) Balint group to develop an interest in the Balint model and the society.

We aim to further the Balint experience at similar developmental levels and to use the Bristol event as a springboard for initiating an ongoing Balint group for those interested. Please take a look at the attached flyer for more details.

It would be great to see as many medical students, foundation year doctors and core trainees as possible.

Register now at:

Many thanks,

Dr Vikram Luthra, Dr Scarlett Tankard and Mr Eamonn Marshall