Research Opportunity for 5th & 6th Years: What Makes Medical Students Effective Learners?

Do you consider yourself an ‘effective learner’?

Do you feel like you have greatly improved in your exam performance since 1st year?

Do you feel like you could provide future students tips on how to study better?

We are clinical teaching fellows interested in working out what makes medical students effective learners.

We are inviting all 5th and 6th year Imperial medical students to take part in our study – The Secret of Success: Strategies adopted by medical students to improve academic performance.

The study will involve answering a series of questions via Microsoft Teams, lasting approximately 30 minutes and you’ll get £10 voucher for your time!

If you’re interested or have any questions, please do get in touch:

Philippa Mallon: Ronak Shah: Nartani Nithianandasivam: