Interviews Exploring LGBTQ+ and Queer Medical Student Experiences

We are a group of queer medical students based across several UK universities. Following a summer project on medical education provided by the Medical Education Innovation and Research Centre (MEdIC) at Imperial College London we discovered a shared desire to investigate the queer medical student experience. We have been awarded funding by MEdIC to make this happen and ensure your voice can be heard. We invite you to partake in a one-hour semi-structured interview, where we will discuss gender, sexual and romantic identity; how these affected your choice of school and experience whilst at medical school along with the ways queer people are represented by the curriculum and faculty. If you are interested please first read the comprehensive participant information sheet attached here: . If you’ve further questions you may contact the principal investigator Ethan at . If you are a Glasgow student and would prefer to contact someone out of your university, another team member Dominic would be happy to take your question at Additionally at the end of the interview helpful support links will be provided in case any part of the study has been distressing. We will actively signpost students to wellbeing services at the universities we are recruiting from, as well as national support for medical students and LGBTQ+ individuals. Participants will be informed prior to the interview that they are free to decline to answer any question they do not feel comfortable in answering. If after reading the sheet you are still interested please access the survey form linked below to express your interest: Ethics approval for this project was provided by Imperial College London’s ethics board. Approval number: EERP2122-085 Achieved: 17/08/2022