Get Involved in Research! COVID-19 and Med School Exams: Student Research Project

✨ CALLING ALL ICSM MEDICAL STUDENTS IN YEARS 2-4 DURING THE 2021/22 ACADEMIC YEAR ✨   Has COVID-19 impacted your experience of exams in medical school? Have you felt supported navigating your exams during the COVID-19 pandemic? Has COVID-19 impacted your anxiety and wellbeing at medical school?   If so, we want to hear from YOU!   For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic and various government restrictions completely changed our experience of university and more specifically – exams.   We want to hear your opinions on the delivery and design of assessment methods you received during the pandemic and how COVID-19 affected your perceptions of them.  

We also want your thoughts on how the pandemic has impacted your anxiety and wellbeing surrounding exams.   What’s in it for you? – Opportunity to voice your opinions and thoughts on COVID-19’s impact on exams and your wellbeing back to faculty – You will get to suggest your own ideas on how things can be done better in the future! – Have an impact on the way medical schools support us around exams for years to come!  

The survey takes only 5-10 mins and we really appreciate your time!   PLEASE FIND THE LINK HERE: