AI in Cancer Prediction Internship

Are you interested in the role AI plays in revolutionising cancer care? Curenetics is a med-tech start-up aiming to predict cancer incidence, response to immunotherapy, and to improve cancer detection using AI. The development of the predictive tools will be based on state of the art machine learning models. The platform could be scaled across NHS Trusts, Academic research departments, and pharmaceutical companies looking to extract maximum value from existing, real-time clinical data to guide personalised cancer treatment plans.

We are looking for interns with a healthcare background (up to 10hrs/week, flexible and remote) to work with our AI engineers and clinicians to develop AI decision support tools. Interns will have the opportunity to learn how to write grant applications, write literature reviews, gain wet-lab skills, and engage with the financial aspects of running a start-up.

The internship will be for 5-10hrs/week, flexible and remote for 6 months. This opportunity is unpaid in the first instance, though we are keen to work with the successful intern to apply for grant funding to sustain their role going forward. If interested, kindly reach out to with a CV and cover letter (max 400 words) by Friday 2nd September 2022.