Read the pdfs below for info on icsm freshers 2020!

We’ll be adding tons of info about your Freshers’ Fortnight, including the Freshers’ Passport and a showcase of all the incredible events we have planned for you! Stay tuned on here and on our Facebook Group below!

We want Freshers’ Fortnight to be as close to normal as possible! ICSMSU will be one of the only student unions running events in-person. Naturally, given the current constraints with the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we will be adapting some of our favourite events to meet government guidelines, introducing all-new events, and some of our largest events where it is not possible to run in a socially distanced way may be postponed.

Make sure to join our Facebook group, where we’ll be announcing our upcoming schedule over the next few weeks!

There will be a virtual Freshers’ Fair for all of Imperial’s clubs and societies, taking place over a week. We are hoping to hold a couple of smaller sociallydistanced ICSM Freshers’ Fairs in person – one for Sports and Arts, and one for Volunteering and Academic. There will be more information in the passport and also on our ICSM Freshers 2020-2021 Facebook group, so keep an eye out!

 Our clubs and societies team have been working hard to assist all our clubs and societies. They’ll be reviewing all their activities and ensuring they’re run in line with government guidance on social distancing. It’s safe to say, activities vary immensely between our cornucopia of clubs and societies so you can expect to see a mix of in-person events and online activities – the specifics are consistently being worked on so feel free to get in contact with them individually and follow their social media pages for specific updates. 

This will vary between clubs, so make sure to follow the different clubs’ social media pages closely for more information.

Freshers joining ICSM are lucky enough to have a whole fortnight of events, instead of just one week. Our Entertainments Team have been working exceptionally hard to create a line-up of events, which will give you a fantastic freshers’ experience despite the current circumstances. The passport is your guaranteed ticket to all events, without which you will need to buy individual tickets for each event. Some events are passport exclusive, so you must buy the passport for entry.

You will receive passport packs in your Welcome Packs, that you’ll shortly receive in the post, which give you more information about each event. You’ll be able to purchase your passport online and can collect your wristband from us on your first day! Buying a passport is very much recommended, passport-exclusive events are always in high demand with limited numbers allowed entry!

We’re the Students’ Union specifically for Medical and medical biosciences so we’ll be the ones you interact with the most throughout your course!

Our own Freshers’ Fortnight will give you a great opportunity to get to know all your fellow coursemates and meet the people you’ll need to work alongside! ICU cater generically to all Imperial students and may be running their own events over welcome week alongside our Freshers’ Fortnight.

You’ll be a member of both ICSMSU and ICU and can take part in clubs and societies from both! You’ll find medical and BMB students normally join ICSM clubs; our societies may train, rehearse and meet at different times to suit our timetables. Also, we tend to be based around Reynolds, which is particularly useful as that’s the hub of ICSM student life and most of us live around Hammersmith after first year.

Throughout the year, we also have our own committee which provides support and caters to our specific needs as medical/BMB students, including academic and welfare, and is here to represent you and work with the Faculty, ICU and everybody else to ensure your time at ICSM is as enjoyable as it can be!

During this time, there are lots of unofficial Freshers events circulating across social media. These are made by external companies who are not supported by ICSMSU or ICU.

For our official fortnight events, which has been made by our students for our students, keep an eye on our website, and social media outlets (especially your Freshers Facebook Group)!

This year’s first term will likely look and feel different, even whilst social distancing restrictions are slowly relaxed by the governmentThe ICSM Faculty will be sending you more guidance and information on how your teaching will work  The ICSM student community is a tightly-knit family and there is a lot of peer-to-peer academic support available from our clubs and societies, and as part of our Mums and Dads scheme (make sure to lookout for signups!) you’ll be paired up with older years who will be on-hand to share their experience and advice.  Your ICSMSU Welfare Team (Natania, Mabel, and Sajan) are here to support you through any difficulties during your time at ICSM and signpost you to services you may need. You can get in touch with them at There’s also tonnes of support available from the Faculty’s welfare team and the Imperial College Union Advice Centre should you require it.  Throughout your Freshers’ Fortnight, our entire SU team are onhand stewarding at every event and are available to effectively deal with any issues you have on the night. Their contact details can be found on our About page.  Overall, there’s a lot of support available to you throughout your time at ICSM across all areas and you’ll be sure to hear more about it when you join us in October! 

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