Dr Stephen Norton Memorial Prize

Stephen Norton, who sadly died on January 13th, was a student, houseman and S.H.O. at Charing Cross from 1966 – 1973.   Stephen came up to the ‘Cross’ from the City of Norwich School with two ambitions; to marry his girlfriend Hilary and to become a Family Doctor in his beloved East Anglia.   Typically, he was successful in both enterprises, happily married for 38 years and a much loved doctor in Framlingham, Suffolk, for 35 years.

This means that the Fund will be able to donate £500 pa to the medical school hardship fund, to which Stephen already contributed and £500 pa to a deserving final year student who most exemplifies Stephen’s all round qualities.   We think that this will be a suitable tribute to an exceptional man and, we hope, will run in perpetuity.

Stephen leaves his wife Hilary, three children, Kate, Sam and Tom, two of whom followed Steve into medicine – Kate qualifying from St Mary’s and Sam from C.X. – and three grandchildren.

Stephen will be greatly missed by everyone whose life he enhanced, but he will not be forgotten.

This level of maturity was unusual at the Cross but the whole year soon succumbed to his cruel wit, charm and charisma.   His great sense of fun sustained many of us during the stresses of student life.  When Stephen was around, we never stopped laughing and this continued into his life as a family doctor; so many of his patients who attended his packed memorial service testified that he was the best anti-depressant available.

He was without doubt the most talented student of a talented year, as well as being an active member of the C.X Country Club and a founder member of the Q.A.L. .  A true polymath, actor, artist, comedian, writer, architectural expert, willing teacher to those less able than himself, an immensely strong prop forward known as the iron-man and a life long Beach Boys, Dylan and Kinks fan.   More importantly, he wore these talents lightly and was a true and supportive friend to everyone, which is why he was so popular amongst us all.

The respect and great affection in which Stephen was held by our year of only 44 was made very apparent by the immediate and generous response to his memorial prize fund.   Everyone contacted was anxious to contribute and had a special memory of Stephen, such as his kindness, his modesty, his sense of joy and his unique contribution to the life of the medical school.   Comments such as he was an ‘icon’, a real ‘life enhancer’, ‘the centrepiece of our year’ abounded.

Trustees of the fund: Mrs Hillary Norton (Chair)
Dr Stephanie French
Prof. Stan Kaye
Dr John Maynard (Secretary)


This prize has been made possible by the generosity of Stephen’s friends and colleagues:



CXHMS graduates 1966-71

Dr Edda Aitchison (née Martin)
Dr John Blisset
Mr Mike Burke
Dr Jennie Burke (née Glover)
Dr Alan Byers
Dr Gillie Charlwood (née Duncan)
Dr Kit Erhardt
Dr Stephanie French
Prof Ian Hammond
Prof Stan Kaye
Dr Nigel Kennedy
Dr Andy Lamb
Prof Robert Leonard
Dr Pam Lynam (née Fenney)
Prof John MacDermot
Dr Sue McDonnell (née Thwaites)
Prof Pete Malleson
Prof Robert Mansel CBE
Dr John Maynard
Dr Peter Morris
Mrs Hilary Norton
Prof Richard Powell
Mr Guy Rooker
Dr Nick Sargant
Dr Jeff Simmonds
Dr Ian Sly
Dr Cliff Smith
Dr David Stone
Dr Peter Tasker
Dr Mike Thirlwall
Prof Stephen Westaby
Dr Eileen Whittle
Dr Pete Williams
Prof Pat Woo CBE
Mr Peter Wood

The Framlingham Medical Practice

Dr.William Edmonson
Dr. Robin Rowell
Dr. Sheila McKay
Dr. Robbie Moffatt
Dr. Philip Getting
Dr. Charles Wright
Dr. Susan Hopton
Dr. Linda Cross
Dr. Darryl Peel

Past Recipients:

2008 – Dr Lauren Davies
2009 – Dr Liam Poynter
2010 – Dr Najette Ayadi O’Donnell
2011 – Dr Mark Chamberlain

2012 – Ola Markiewicz & Thomas Marjot

2013 – Anil Chopra

2014 – Lindsay Hennah