Online Centre for Paediatrics and Child Health

From the Paediatrics consultants at St Mary’s:

We have recently received a green light to form a Faculty Centre for Paediatrics and Child Health at Imperial College. The vision is to bring together absolutely everyone across the College who is engaged in research or education or public engagement to do with paediatrics – across the board, embracing genetics / embryology / fetal health / neonatology / paediatrics in all its sub-specialty areas / adolescents / transitional clinic populations / mental health / child public health, and no doubt several other areas

It would be great to get some enthusiastic medical students involved in creatively designing our website and coming up with innovative ideas. For example, I really like the idea of developing a public engagement element with a space for children to interact with us.

We’re planning to create an actively monitored and promoted site in which our faculty could direct such questions to the most appropriate academic or clinician to answer in a timely way. It could become THE ‘go-to’ place for children of all ages to get reliable answers to any of their questions about science or medicine!

Please get in touch if you’d like to be involved with developing this exciting project below

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