Charing Cross Sports Facilities

As was announced last week, the sale of the St. Mary’s Medical School Building has now been confirmed, with activities set to continue there up until the summer of 2024.

As outlined in the Faculty of Medicine vision, the short to medium term objective will be investing in the improvement of our Charing Cross Campus as the hub for undergraduate medicine. We know how important physical activity is to your physical and mental wellbeing and we are committed to providing access to gym and swimming pool facilities on Ethos Membership terms.

The first stage of that is understanding what you would like to see from a future sports provision at Charing Cross Campus. This will allow us to liaise with partners and providers with a solid understanding of what will be best suited to meet your needs.

We’re therefore asking you to complete the survey below before 9pm Tuesday 30th June. As outlined in the email last week, we do encourage all our students to take advantage of this opportunity to shape our future and to ensure the needs of our community can be met.

Once this stage is complete, we will reach out to you in due course with further updates.

Many thanks,

Move Imperial team & ICSMSU

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