• Congratulations on passing first year…

    Congratulations on passing first year, and welcome to Year 2 at ICSM! You might have heard from older students that second year is one of the hardest, but all of you have made it this far and are more than capable. Whilst there is a heftier workload compared to year 1, you won’t be needing to spend much of first term working out how which studying techniques work best for you. As always, try to maintain a healthy work-life balance, and you will be absolutely fine.
    Most of the topics this year will continue from previous years – i.e. LCRS and MCD. You will also have a module called Science and Patient at the end of the year, which should help you to prepare for your clinical attachments in Year 3. Ethics and Personal and Professional Development will also be taught throughout the year – take note of this as you will be examined on this content, summatively, in Year 3.
    Hopefully you will enjoy the greater clinical aspects of the teaching this year. As I’m sure you know, in Year 2 you also get a 3 week placement in hospitals in December!
    As always, if you have any concerns/queries/panics about this year, you can contact me by email/phone (details below).
    Good luck!

    ICSMSU Academic Officer (Early Years)

    [e] icsm.early@ic.ac.uk


  • Representation

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    Why become a year rep?


    Why become a year rep?

    In second year, you will again have the opportunity to run for one of the four positions of being your year’s educational representative. Your year reps made a big difference last year in maintaining the strong feedback and pushing for changes in the Faculty.

    Year reps attend termly student-focussed meetings called Staff-Student Liaison Groups (SSLG) where students can voice their opinions to the course leaders themselves. The Faculty of Medicine and ICSMSU pride ourselves on the strong relationship we have with each other and how changes actual occur from student feedback and suggestions. In the past, year reps have had huge impacts on making exams more bearable by spreading out them out at the end of year 1 and 2. They have also started from a student suggestion to provide us with valuable exam feedback, which we never got before. They also were successful in pushing forward a motion of changing how distinctions and merits are given.

    It’s a really worthwhile position that allows you to give back to your year and union. So if you like being in the know and are passionate, enthusiastic and wouldn’t mind being the voice of your year, then we want you!

  • “During second year I felt more of a student at university. It was vital to keep a good balance of social life, work and extracurricular activities – there are so many clubs and societies to get involved with and there is something for everyone.

    The workload was bigger in second year, thus it was important to keep on top of lectures during the whole year, however, you still have time to go to events and get involved in a club or society. I enjoyed second year as I knew how everything worked a lot more than I did in first year and was a lot more confident about the new style of learning. I became a lot more a part of the medical school other than a fresher, as I got to know a lot of older years better.

    I came to realise that the medical school is like a big family and there is always someone there to look after and help you, whether it’s Muslim Medics, an older person in your sports team, someone that you met in the library or even your assigned parent.” – A 3rd Year

    “Second Year went by like a breeze. You don’t realise how quickly a year passes. I remember last year’s snow ball (the parts I remember) and I remember being in Pharmacology like it was yesterday and I ACTUALLY remember the stuff I was taught in the lectures. The work does pile up but the good thing is you know it does: everyone tells you that second year is the hardest year. Strangely I didn’t think it wasn’t hard, it was just a LOT of stuff.

    I was told that the year above had 4 weeks for Easter and we had 6. I genuinely wished we had only 4 as I thought I was going to go crazy in my 5th week of revision. However my revision style changed from proplus fuelled all-nighters in the SK library to a regular 10am to 8pm revision sessions every day and it paid off. I felt so much more in control of my revision and I’m so happy I didn’t burn out like a lot of my friends. You’ve got to be able to judge how you’re doing, don’t be misguided by how fast/slow others work. – A 3rd Year

  • DISCLAIMER: All the material found on this page are student-made, so may contain errors, mistakes or in some cases be incomplete. They are also only for personal use. If there is a discrepancy with the material, please follow what the lecturers’ material

    Question Bank

    Student-written practice questions for Year 2 can be downloaded HERE

    Student Led Tutorials

    Click to download Ken Wu’s Vestibular and Eye Tutorial 20/11/12
    Click to download Ken Wu’s Cancer Cell Cycle Tutorial 26/03/12
    Click to download Ken Wu’s Vestibulocochlear Tutorial 23/11/2011
    Gretsey’s Videos are next to his first lecture slides, avilable on the intranet here
    Link to all the Muslim Medic tutorial slides

    Student Notes

    Please look at the Notebank available here: http://www.icsmsu.com/exec/education/notebank/