RMBF Medical Student Fundraising Opportunity

The Royal Medical Benevolent Fund (RMBF) have launched an opportunity for medical students to build up your portfolio and stand out in applications for junior doctor positions! Fundraising for a medical charity demonstrates your commitment to the medical community, and gives your portfolio an extra boost.  It’s also your chance to make a difference, helping to change the lives of doctors and medical students in need.

Sign up to our community of medical student fundraisers and raise £200 for RMBF, and you will receive a pack of RMBF goodies to help with your studies – pens, post-its and lanyards. We will also give you a certificate and letter of recognition of your fundraising efforts, which you can use in your applications for junior doctor positions or even speciality training positions. What’s more, we will be on hand to provide advice, support and fundraising materials to help you.

Sign up here to join our community of medical student fundraisers today: rmbf.org/medical-students-fundraising

For any questions, please contact info@rmbf.org