Amazing opportunity for fifth years to have presentation training with a professional actor

There is an amazing opportunity for 10 fifth year students to have a one-hour session with a professional actor who provides presentation training to a number of corporate clients.

The aim of the session is to see if the training alters levels of anxiety and confidence for the PACES examination in June/July. ‘Performance’ includes verbal and non-verbal communication, charisma and engagement; features that a doctor must excel in with every patient encounter for success.

Performance anxiety describes various physical and psychological symptoms that can impair the quality of the subsequent performance. Students who are able to eradicate or minimise this anxiety will undoubtedly perform better than their counterparts who cannot.

Actors endure rigorous performance training during their career, in the acknowledgement that performers are not merely ‘talented’ but require ongoing practice to hone their skills. We believe that through training, students can maximise confidence and minimise anxiety prior to their PACES examination and for their future careers as doctors. Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

If interested, please email and I can provide further information.

Dr Somil Desai – Clinical Teaching Fellow at St Mary’s Hospital and Associate Clinical Teacher at Imperial College London