Short survey on pathologically positive nodes (pN+) after radical prostatectomy & negative pre-operative staging

We are excited to collaborate with EAU Young Academic Urologists on a new prostate cancer survey Prostate cancer remains the most frequent solid non-skin cancer in men, and radical prostatectomy is one of the most frequently performed treatment options. 5 to 10% of cases undergoing surgery with lymphadenectomy are found to have positive nodes, despite a preoperative negative staging (cN0M0).

The aim of this short survey is to investigate the current perception/preferred management of prostate cancer patients without evidence of extra-prostatic disease (nodal or metastatic) at pre-operative staging, but subsequently being found to have positive nodes (pN+) at radical prostatectomy.

This survey is composed of four sections and can be found here. The average time to complete the survey is 7 minutes. We greatly appreciate your contribution to this great cause! Kind regards,The BURST Team