UCL REC Project ID: 14309/007 

We invite all UK medical students to complete a short online and anonymous survey aiming to investigate the following: 

  • Medical students’ knowledge and perceptions of commonly used “recreational” drugs (e.g. cannabis, ketamine), and how these relate to medical education.  
  • Students’ perspectives on the future clinical uses of these drugs, especially in the treatment of mental health conditions. 
  • Factors that influence students’ knowledge, perceptions and attitudes towards drugs.  

The survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. To our knowledge, this is the first nationwide survey of UK medical students on drugs, and we hope to capture the perspectives of as many students as possible to aid in our goals of improving medical education and research into drugs and mental health. 

To access the survey please follow the link below, which will also provide further information about the study:

This study is conducted by Marco Schlosser at the UCL Division of Psychiatry and researchers at UCL Medical School, the University of Oxford Department of Psychiatry and the KCL Centre for Affective Disorders. We encourage you to email us with any questions, comments, or concerns: 

Marco Schlosser, MSc: 

Charlie Song-Smith, BSc: 

This study has received full ethical approval from the UCL Research Ethics Committee.