Recruiting Data collaborators for A Clincal Audit 2022 – SPARC UK

Recruiting Data Collectors: The Student Psychiatry Audit and Research Collective (SPARC) is back this year, a student-led initiative promoting careers in psychiatry.

This year’s audit is on the management of children and young people who present to the emergency department with self-harm. Working with the Royal College of Psychiatrists, SPARC projects in the past have seen papers published, and offer many opportunities for students to present their local data.

Our medical school is taking part this year, and will need a team of data collectors. The role of data collectors in this audit will require you to attend an emergency department/A&E and access records local to the placement. The data collection period will be over the month of March.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please fill in this form. Deadline is 28th February.