Medical School Lead for a national Quality Improvement Project

Project Description Octopus: imprOving mediCal sTudents understanding Of Post-foUndation applicationS We are looking for medical school leads across the UK to help us with our quality improvement project.


How much do medical students know about the current training pathways (primary outcome)

If there is a difference between medical schools and how much exposure do students get in terms of knowledge of postgraduate training pathways

If there is a difference across the years

Benefits of application:

Certification saying contributed to data collection on a national QI project

Chance to develop research skills

Enhance your leadership skills

Good networking opportunity

Be the first to be made aware of future research opportunities via the mailing list

Roles and responsibilities:

To promote the study through their social media, personal contacts and via their university to help the study gain survey respondents

To recruit year leads from your medical school and contribute towards reaching out to potential participants of the survey/study as a team

Establish a platform for communication with year leads within your medical school (such as a WhatsApp or Facebook group)

Keep in close contact with (Us) with regular updates on recruitment progress and overall performance of your medical school in the study