Anatomy 1:1 Private Tuition

My name is Dr Andrew Fisher, I have been a lecturer of anatomy at a UK Russell Group University for over 10 years and have published on the subject in peer reviewed journals. I moved cities during the pandemic and have continued to deliver anatomy teaching at a University level as an external lecturer for a London based University, and now have to flexibility and opportunity to do some private tuition.

I can offer 1:1 or small group online tutorials on specific anatomical subjects or work with students in a broader sense who need a little help with anatomy in general. I’m happy to email or meet online with people first and we can discuss their needs and tailor tutorials specifically to them. While anatomy had traditionally been considered a very ‘hands-on’ subject, the development of fantastic new 3D anatomical software programmes, and the opportunity to design new teaching approaches over the pandemic have actually revealed online teaching as a very successful option for teaching and learning anatomy.

Dr. Andrew Fisher (PhD, MRes, BSc (Hons)