Focus Group – Gender Bias/Stereotyping during med school (5th/6th years)

Are certain specialties ‘gendered’? Have you been told that ‘GP is better for women’ or you have to be ‘man enough for surgery’?  Have you experienced gender bias/stereotyping during med school and has it influenced what you intend to specialise in? 

If you would like to share your experiences in a small focus group this term then please get in touch!

For my masters in medical education I am exploring students’ views and experiences of how different medical specialties may be perceived as being ‘gendered’ and would like to hear from you.  I am recruiting Year 5&6 students to take part in small (<8 students) online focus groups to discuss these issues.  These will take place this term and last up to an hour, at a time convenient to all participants.  The study has approval from the FEO and Imperial ethics committee.

If you are interested in taking part, or would like to discuss the study further, then please email me directly at

Many thanks,

Dr Elinor Gunning,  

GP and Honorary Clinical Teaching Fellow