Expression of Interest for Neurodivergence Accessibility at medical school

Yasmin and Varja are currently conducting a research project investigating how accessible medical schools are to students who are neurodivergent.

For this project, we need a 5th/6th year student to help with the clinical aspects of our research project.

Not requested but would be helpful if the student has experience in this area e.g.

  • either being neurodivergent (have a specific or non-specific learning disability)
  • has been involved in working with students who are neurodivergent
  • understands what access arrangements can be implemented for those who are neurodivergent (especially arrangements specific to clinical years)

If you are interested in helping out on this research project, please fill in the expression of interest form below:

Deadline to fill in form: Wednesday 22nd September

If you have any further questions, feel free to email Yasmin Baker ( and Varja Čučulović (’