‘Friends of Charring Cross Hospital’ Recruitment Opportunity

 We’re a small charity that supports the staff and patients at the hospital, primarily through the award of small grants of up to around £10k. Our previous grants include the funding of new medical equipment, as well as staff-focused support such as social activities and the refurbishment of staff areas.
Charing Cross is an important site for the medical school, and I felt it would be useful for our organisations to make contact, as I know students are also a key part of the hospital community. We’re always happy to hear any suggestions from students or staff members for new ways that we can support the hospital and those who work and study there.

We’re currently recruiting for some new trustees, aimed mainly towards clinical students who might be interestied in getting involved with running a charity. We’re looking for trustees who have experience of the hospital, and who would be able to commit to the role for ~2 years. The time commitment would be 1-2 hours a month on average, which should be easy to fit alongside other commitments. 

For anyone who would like to get involved but who is not able to become a trustee, the charity is also looking for any volunteers interested in helping us raise the profile of the charity, or helping out at in-person fundraising events once they are permitted again.

If you are interested in joining, please email directly to the email address below.

Best wishes,

James Bezer

Chair, Friends of Charing Cross Hospital (registered charity 263055)

Email:  james@friendscxh.org.uk