Wikithon on women in science and underrepresented minorities

Did you know that articles on Wikipedia about men exceed those about women by about four to one and less than 15% of Wikipedia editors are female? While Wikipedia is often thought of as a neutral hub of information, systematic bias created by the shared social and cultural characteristics of most editors means that women and marginalised groups are not given a platform equal to others. There are thousands of scientists who meet Wikipedia’s standards for notability, including many we work with every day, but don’t yet have a Wikipedia page.

Professor Anna Randi, Head of Section for Vascular Science at the National Heart and Lung Institute will introduce Dr Jess Wade OBE, Physicist in the Department of Chemistry and STEM Ambassador and Dr Alice White, Wikimedian in Residence at the Wellcome Trust.

Join us on the 4 August at 2pm to find out why this is so important and learn, or refresh, skills to edit Wikipedia yourself

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