BIMA National Committee Applications

BIMA are excited to announce our national AGM, eligible to all undergraduate and postgraduate Medical Students studying medicine in the UK and beyond. Being part of the BIMA national committee offers a plethora of opportunities and experience, from leading and proactively designing a national teaching programme to overseeing an unforgettable social event- carrying significant weight in enhancing your portfolio. Other than the myriad of opportunities and the remarkable memories that arise from being on our committee, members join a well-connected and diverse network of like minded students and doctors. All committee positions are open to everyone, with the exception of president, and vice-president which requires prior experience on the BIMA committee, in order to apply we encourage you to fill out the form below with a brief description why you’d like to join. Candidates will anonymously be reviewed and shortlisted for voting and interviewing. We welcome all variations of experience, and most importantly are looking for individuals who are dedicated and can bring innovative ideas that help support the vision of BIMA.

Link to role descriptions & form:

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