Belfast Eye Conference

We are thrilled to announce the first ever virtual Belfast Eye Conference Hosted by Queen’s University Belfast!

At the Belfast Eye Conference, you will meet like-minded healthcare students, early-stage doctors and early career vision scientists from around the world who are equally fascinated by clinical ophthalmology and vision related research.

The conference will provide the stage for speakers who will give broad and varied perspectives on eye related disease. Consultant ophthalmologists will give clinical talks relating to their sub-specialty, and members of the multi-disciplinary team will discuss how they support eye health. Vision science is a strong and active research field, particularly in Northern Ireland. We are excited to showcase cutting edge vision related research from scientists at Queen’s University Belfast.

Belfast Eye Conference will also provide a platform for delegates – you! – to showcase your vision related research, in oral and poster formats. You may have done a vision related case study or audit, summer studentship, intercalated project, special study module work or even a PhD. Whatever the level, submit an abstract today!

Most importantly, Belfast Eye Conference is free of charge to attend. The event will be held virtually on Sat 3rdJuly and Sun 4thJuly.

To register, see the programme, download an abstract submission form, please visit:

The deadline for abstract submission is 15th June, and for registration the 30th June.

We look forward to welcoming you to Belfast Eye Conference 2021,

Best wishes,

Dr Michael Williams, Senior Lecturer & Hon. Consultant, Ophthalmology

Dr Sheema Khan, Specialist Trainee, Ophthalmology, Northern Ireland Deanery

Mr Philip McCullough, Medical Student, Queen’s University of Belfast