International applicants’ medical school fees have always been an overwhelming financial barrier to students. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced international student’s opinions about the quality of their medical education in reflection to the amount of money they are paying. 

We would like to invite international students and doctors to complete a 5 to 7 minute survey to better understand your perception on this issue. We aim to bring together anecdotes, quotes and stories into evidence to guide future decision making by relevant establishments to make improvements that can be implemented in medical education to support international students. 

This study is conducted by Cardiff Healthcare International PerspectiveS (CHIPS) at Cardiff University School of Medicine, currently collaborating with us are HKMSUK, In2MedSchool and the British International Doctors’ Association, we hope to have more collaborators on board.

To access the survey please follow the link below:

All international and home medical students/doctors are welcome:

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