Young Researchers Event: EBRAINS for next-generation brain medicine

Brain diseases represent a considerable social and economic burden: 6 in 10 disorders with the highest DALYs (Disease-Adjusted Life Years) a health metric that calculates as the sum of years of life lost and years lived with a disability are related to the brain. To develop new diagnostics and therapies it is necessary to get deeper insights into brain organisation. The Human Brain Project unites researchers and scientists from multiple fields to decode the relationship between brain structure and function and its role in disease with the help of highly advanced ICT tools. Therefore the HBP is developing EBRAINS a digital research infrastructure and open source platform that allows scientists to seamlessly collaborate to analyze data of healthy subjects and patients to explore them in the Human Brain Atlas and to share data and tools. This allows accelerating advancements in the fields of brain research and brain-related medicine.

HBP and EBRAINS together with the Lithuanian University of Health Science invite the entire scientific community in particular early career researchers to join the forthcoming Young Researchers Event 2021. During this two-day virtual conference participants can explore how EBRAINS supports the next generation of brain medicine. Topics like brain atlasing and simulation, translational neuroscience and AI applications will be addressed in interactive plenaries and hands-on workshops. The event also offers ample networking opportunities for participants to connect with peers as well as renowned experts.
Registration is now open!

Young scientists are encouraged to register free of charge via the Conference website. Registration is free, but mandatory. Please make sure to register with your institutional email address.
Registration deadline: 12 May 2021

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