Cambridge Health Leaders Conference

Cambridge Health Leaders invites you to our annual conference. We have a lineup of speakers in health leadership positions who’ll talk about a subject of their choice: These are people who influence healthcare service delivery and policymaking, and what better way to kickstart the conference than with our keynote speaker Professor Stephen Powis, National Medical Director for NHS England! He’s been at the forefront of the UK’s response to COVID, advising the government on policy and leading the NHS through this struggle (you may have seen him speaking in the government COVID briefings!). The COVID-19 pandemic has made the importance of healthcare leadership abundantly clear, and hopefully he, along with the other speakers in our lineup, can shed some light on this opaque world of decision-making.

This event will be on the 24th April, running from 9am till 4pm.

However, since it’s online, you can turn up whenever you’re free; it’s super flexible and anyone can join. Everyone who fills out the feedback form after the conference will get a certificate of participation for portfolios. In addition, we’re running an essay competition judged by the speakers – the winner will have their essay posted to the BMJ blog.

Further details of the event will be posted on our website and Facebook page People can sign up to receive email updates and be emailed the conference link here: To give a taste of the speaker lineup, we have the editor-in-chief of BMJ Leader, and the Director of Strategy at Cambridge University Hospitals. We’re going to be posting regular speaker announcements so stay tuned!