MedTech HoloLens Trial Participation Opportunities

Hi, I’m a 4th year medical student in my BSc year and require 1st-3rd year medical students as participants for my final project that have NOT had any teaching on thyroid/ENT focussed history taking and thyroid examination. You can also sign up if you’re in other years but haven’t had the aforementioned thyroid specific teaching.

This project is a medical education project that uses a mixed reality device called Microsoft HoloLens. This is the most advanced headset on the market as it provides an immersive experience integrating elements of both reality and virtual technology such as 3D holograms. We want to evaluate HoloLens as a teaching tool for case-based learning for a patient presenting with thyroid conditions.

During the session, we’re going to teach you how to take an ENT focused history, a thyroid examination and hopefully some anatomy. You’ll be assigned to one of two groups; one with HoloLens teaching and one with a remote stream PowerPoint, both teaching the same content. All sessions are online so all you need to do is dedicate an hour of your time for the teaching on one of the dates.

Throughout the session, we’ll be monitoring for engagement, and measuring performance with a short quiz before and after the teaching. We’ll also be asking you to fill out a brief questionnaire on your experience.
The remote teaching will be really useful for your clinical years and is taught by ENT professionals! We can also provide certificates of participation in a medical education and technology trial if that is something that you would like. To sign-up, please fill in the form in the link below or email me at if you have any queries.