Join an Imperial College Faculty Podcast

Do you want to join our team to develop a new Podcast? 

We are two teaching fellows at the Faculty of Medicine and looking for undergraduate students from the STEM faculties (FoM, FoE, FoNS) to help us develop our new podcast. 

The podcast: In our podcast we will interview Imperial College lecturers to help us understand how our body works, to separate the facts from the myths, and to uncover uncertainties in science. Each episode will be around a question like Does alcohol kill your brain cells? We will make a first (pilot) series of 3 episodes of 20-30 minutes, targeted at Imperial’s students and prospective students and available for the wider public. 

What we are looking for:  

  • 3-5 students from the different Faculties to brainstorm on topics for the episodes, who to interview, and what to ask. ~30 mins per week 
  • 10 students from each Faculty to answer our podcast question (these results will be used to understand the general view on our episode’s topic). ~5 mins per week 

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If you have any questions, you can contact Katie ( and Linda (