North Wing Medical Magazine

North Wing Magazine has been a student-led medical and biomedical magazine by medics and researchers since 1935. It is based at the University of Sheffield but welcomes submissions from any medics, researchers and students. 
North Wing Magazine is excited for its new edition … Rebuild: A Year of Mending. It is to do with finding all the positives in the midst of all the negative things that have happened over the past year and talking about all the best ways to address ongoing issues.

We are offering a platform to publish articles in the following categories: 
1)Current Affairs Pioneering Research (Your own or current research) 2) Inspiring stories (Your own story, A patient’s story, A healthcare professional’s story) 3)Feature articles (Any other subject area/topic you are interested in voicing your opinion about, does not have to related to the theme of this issue – Includes any essays you may have written) 
What is in it for you: Article/submission will be chosen, by our community through a vote, from each category and will win a £10 amazon voucher (You could win in all 4 categories). Your article/submission will be published in a magazine Certificate acknowledging your work and giving you “writer” status at North Wing magazine. 
There could also be an opportunity for presenting a North Wing Organised Conference although this is still being organised. 
Get in touch via email at and include which category you are interested to write for.  
Deadline for submissions is 14/03/21.
If you would like more information, contact us via: – Facebook: North Wing Magazine – Instagram: north_wing_magazine – Twitter: @northwingmag